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Features of our social network software

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Features of our social network software

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Features and Functionalities

The members of your social network community will create their own content. This is one of the new things that web 2.0 has brought: so called user generated content. The features of the relenet software encourage active participation. Our social network software includes interactive tools like a forum for questions, answers and discussions, a section to exchange tips and recommendations with other members, a tool to jointly plan travel and to locate other community members during their travel, a classifieds blackboard to sell to and buy from other membes, and more.





Our social network software includes the following features:


The Social Network Community Software has the following features.




Further functionalities are




Please note the relenet Click-Demo. It allows you to see the most important features of our social network community software within 5 minutes. Download the relenet Click-Demo here:

relenet Click Demo EN >> (English - please right-click and save - 3.6 MB file size)


relenet Click Demo DE >> (Deutsch - bitte rechts klicken und speichern - Dateigröße 3.6 MB)



Will it be difficult to implement my social network community with the tested and proven relenet social software?

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