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Benefits for Operators


Sometimes Forum Operators believe that they are already fully immersed in the web 2.0 trend. This however is not true. Forums are already on the Internet for more than 10 years. They are highly valuable and users like them. However, they are by far not delivering the same value as Social Network Communities do. A full-blown Social Network Community can be built "around a Forum" and this will result in the following benefits:



HIGH USAGE: Members return to the social network community often, if not daily. This opens up the opportunity to lots of page impressions and a huge advertising inventory.


LOYALTY: Members connect to their buddies and will not leave the social network community any more for that reason, nor will they move over to a competing social network community. Instead, they show a very high customer loyalty over long time periods. And this has one important implication: The first social network community in each niche market is most probably the long-term winner ... like e.g. skype ... late comers will not be able to destroy this domination.


VIRAL GROWTH: Members invite their friends to the social network community. This is effective marketing at very low cost and the social network community will grow by itself.


BUSINESS MODEL: With a social network community revenues through subscription to premium content becomes possible - next to advertising revenues.




As an operator of your own branded community you will gain:




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Your benefits as an operator of a branded community


Enhance customer or member loyalty and retention

All users of your own branded community see your brand and marketing messages each time they sign in and spend time on the social network community. They will associate a posivite experience with your brand. This permanent presence of your brand increases user loyalty and will enhance the likelihood that they buy products or services from your company.


Strengthen your brand

By operating a social network community your brand will be strengthened and more likely to be remembered and recognized.


Reach new customers

Social network communties grow by word of mouth recommendation. Existing members invite their friends. Thereby you reach people who you would not have reached by traditional marketing means.


Get a marketing instrument to target specific groups

You as the operator of a branded community can deliver advertisement and information which is highly customized to your target group. Target group-specific marketing provides very efficient means of communication with your target group to turn them into customers.


Support knowledge exchange by operating a branded community social network

With a social network community or a branded community you can enable your members to find other people with specific knowledge or skills. This is possible because members of a branded community fill in and maintain their profiles. A social network community hence is a fast and simple way to locate organizational knowledge. Especially for organisations which are distributed globally a social network offers a unique possibility to exchange internal knowledge. Which in turn improves the efficiency of your whole organisation.


Simplify market research

By operating a branded community you benefit from the information provided by your community members. Profiles and user generated content reveal a vast amount of information about your customers, their needs and wants, their likes and dislikes, favorite interests, movies, books, music, websites, activities and more. Furthermore a branded community enables you to recognize and anticipate trends faster than your competitors.


Why are people going to join my social network branded community?

Benefits for the members of your social networking community