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relenet - powering my own social network community

The efficient way to operate a social network community under your brand


relenet - powering my own Social Network Community

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The relenet platform allows to set up your own
Web 2.0 Social Network Community fast and efficiently
... by simply putting your brand on it.


What is a Social Network Community?web 2.0 social network community

A social network community represents and connects people. Members of social network communities manage their identity through their profile, they meet new friends and like-minded people in the community, they connect with each other, rate peers and objects, ask questions, get answers and discuss topics.


A social network community is a powerful tool for companies, organizations, projects, industry leaders, media or clubs to manage their employees, members or target customers in a stimulating and effective way.


Social network communities often grow through viral marketing. Your members will invite their friends, and hence you can reach a large number of people with a very limited marketing budget. But even more thrilling is the fact that once members connect within a social network community they will stay there. This extreme customer loyalty makes social network communities highly valuable.



Niche Social Network Communities

The success of social network communities has demonstrated the enormous demand of Internet users for this kind of service. However, lots of people have found existing social network communties to be too general, broad and unfocused. Therefore many people are looking for a niche social network community built around a specific topic, industry or interest. Such topics may be found in



The more focused a Social Network Community is on a particular niche, the higher are the benefits to its members. As a result, the marketing of the social network community becomes easier and the higher are the prices that one can ask for premium membership.



The amazing Advantages of Social Network Communities
over traditional, editorial web sites including a forum

HIGH USAGE: Members return to the social network community often, if not daily. This opens up the opportunity to lots of page impressions and a huge advertising inventory.
LOYALTY: Members connect to their buddies and will not leave the social network community any more for that reason, nor will they move over to a competing social network community. Instead, they show a very high customer loyalty over long time periods. And this has one important implication: The first social network community in each niche market is most probably the long-term winner ... like e.g. skype ... late comers will not be able to destroy this domination.
VIRAL GROWTH: Members invite their friends to the social network community. This is effective marketing at very low cost and the social network community will grow by itself.

BUSINESS MODEL: With a social network community revenues through subscription to premium content becomes possible - next to advertising revenues.




relenet can power your own social network community on our highly sophisticated software and technology platform. As a white label service provider we can set up your web 2.0 social network community under your own brand fast. The social network community will operate reliably and with high performance. relenet assumes some of your risk as the fees for our end-to-end technical service depend on the success and size of your social network community. We operate the technology and you can concentrate on what you are best in: Marketing the social network community and support of its members.




Download relenet information documents to gain a fast overview

General overview "White Label Social Network Community" in English
relenet one-page information paper >> (English)

General overview "White Label Social Network Community" in German
relenet one-page information paper >> (Deutsch)

Value proposition for Forum Operators
Are you already operating your own Forum? Then it is time to build a fully-fledged social network community around your Forum. You can keep the existing Forum and extend it by full social network functionalities.

Benefits you will gain from extending your Forum to a full Social Network Communtiy >> (English)

relenet HealthCommunities
Special business opportunity for social network community operators in the health sector
One-page information paper: Info Brochure HealthCommunities >> (English)
One-page information paper: Infoblatt GesundheitsCommunities >> (Deutsch)

relenet Click-Demo
The relenet Click-Demo is a PowerPoint slide show. It allows you to see the most important features of our social network community software within 5 minutes. Download here the relenet Click-Demo:

relenet Click Demo EN >> (English - please right-click and save - 3.6 MB file size)

relenet Click Demo DE >> (Deutsch - bitte rechts klicken und speichern - Dateigröße 3.6 MB)





Our Mission

relenet is a best of breed social network community service provider which allows organizations to operate their own social network communities under their own brand. We provide social network software platforms which are highly customizable to your requirements and we believe in the highest quality standards.



Why do I need a Social Network Community?

Organisations take advantage of operating a social network community in three different ways:


The Social Network Community becomes an effective Marketing Vehicle

A social network community is the answer to the question of how your organization can get closer to its customer target group. It organises your affinity group into a social network community - and they will return on a daily basis - and you will gain additional market insight, a platform for product concept tests and opinion polls, brand loyalty and of course direct revenues from subscriptions to premium content inside the social network community.


Knowledge exchange between Community Members

A social network community can also be deployed inside an organisation, company or club. It fosters the exchange of knowledge inside the organisation, company or club. Members can describe themselves in their profiles - by means of text, photos, audio files, video files - and the search function enables members to find the right people with specific skills or knowledge easily - and at the right point in time. And not to forget, it is fun for employees to participate in a internal social network community.


Earn additional Revenues

In addition to improved customer communication and great brand loyalty you can also earn direct revenues from your social network software by giving access to premium content only for subscribing members or by placing ads on your community pages.



So why relenet - powering my own social network community?

Have a closer look at our social network software social network service